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(DCP) Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher | MSDS for ABC

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(RFRL) Rainforced Rubber Line - EngineeriSafety

(RFRL)  Rainforced Rubber Line RFRL Rainforced Rubber Line -Reinforced rubber products are the largest group of composite materials, though they are rarely referred to as composite materials.  Examples familiar are automobile tyres, hoses and conveyor belts.

Composite Rainforced StructureReinforced rubber products combine a rubber matrix and a reinforced material, so that the strength of elasticity to high strength is achieved.  Reinforcing material, usually a type of fibre, provides strength and stiffness.  The rubber matrix, with reduced strength and stiffness, provides air-liquid tightness and supports refreshing materials to maintain their respective positions.  These positions are important because they in turn affect the mechanical properties.

   A composite structure where all fibers are everywhere loaded at the same pressure is called an isotropic structure, and the type of loading is called isotensoidal loading.  Structure geometry must have an isotenoside meridian profile a…

(FFFP) Filling Forming Fluoro Protein Concentrat - EngineeriSafety

(FFFP) Filling Forming Fluoro Protein Concentrat The FFFP foam fire extinguisher is effective on Class A and Class B fires.  FFFP is an alcohol resistant agent, which enables the combination of class B fires, alcohols, polar solvents, hydrocarbons, and these.  It can be applied to a Class B liquid spill to prevent ignition.

(FFFP) Filling Forming Fluoro Protein Making Film   The term FFFP is the most commonly used term and FFFP foam comes in many types such as FFFP 3%,FFFP 6% and specific names such as FOMTP such as FFFP 3% ICAO.  It is also known as 'fluoro protein','fluoroprotein', 'filmforming', and 'film production'.
Applications of FFFP FFFP 3% Ultra FFFP 3% Ultra is used for use on B-class hydrocarbon fuel fires, such as oil, petroleum and aviation fuels.  Fomtec FFFP 3% Ultra can be applied directly to the fire surface and is also suitable for subsurface injection.  
It can be used in dry powder/ foam twin agent system and it's compatible with…

(AFFF) Aqueous Filling Forming Foam - EngineeriSafety

Aqueous Filling Forming Foam (AFFF)AFFF Aqueous Filling Forming Foam contain fluorinated synthetic hydrocarbons with additional capacity even other form concentrates, of forming water solution films on the surface of inflammable liquids. These are used in concentration of 1% to 3% in water to make foam solution. This type of foams can we use on deep-seated Fires involving class 'A' and class 'B' materials.

Aqueous Filling Forming Foam (AFFF) of hydrocarbons and fluorocarbon surfactants to produce synthetic Firefighting foams for use as high-performance, non-polar, class B hydrocarbon fuels such as crude oil, petroleum, diesel, and aviation fuel.  Is prepared with.

Aqueous Filling Forming Foam Concentrate These concentrations can be applied with a variety of proportional and discharge devices and suppress fires through three mechanisms:
Separating liquid fuel from air,Helping to prevent vapor release,Providing a cooling effect.      With a wide spectrum of third party ap…

(NRV) Non-Return Valves | Check Valves - Symbol, Types and Importance

(NRV) Non Return Valve
A Non- Return Valves, check valve, clack valve, non- return valves, reflux valve, retention valve or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in one direction only.
  Non - Return valve/ Check valve are two-port valves, meaning that they have two openings in the body, one to enter the fluid and the other to release the liquid.

Types of (NRV) Non - Return Valves There are various types of check valves/non-return valve used in a wide variety of applications.  Non- return valves are often part of common household items.  
Although they are available in a wide range of sizes and costs, Non - Return valve are generally very small, simple or inexpensive. Non - Return valve operate automatically and most are not controlled by an individual or any external control;  Accordingly, most have no valve handle or stem. The bodies (outer shells) of most  Non - Return valve/check valves are made of plastic or metal. Importance Conc…

What is NFPA | National Fire Prevention Association - EngineeriSafety

What is (NFPA) National Fire Prevention Association ?    The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) is a global, non-profit organization that promotes safety standards, education, training, and advocacy on fire and lightning-related hazards.  Founded in 1896 as a way to standardize the use of fire sprinkler systems, the NFPA's scope expanded to include building design, rescue response, electrical codes, and other safety concerns.

What NFPA 704/ NFPA Diamond ?    The widely recognizable NFPA - 704/ NFPA Diamond is a type of safety signal that emergency responders use to quickly identify hazards posed by hazardous materials.  This signal, along with the meaning of its colors and numbers, is part of a larger standard created by the NFPA. What is the Aim of NFPA ?    As part of the greater outreach program, the NFPA sponsors Fire Prevention Week every year.  The goal of this national program is to increase fire and electrical safety awareness by highlighting a specific safety th…

What is FMB ? | Foam Making Branches - EngineeriSafety

Foam Making Branches (FMB)
   Today we will discuss,what is (FMB) Foam Making Branches. Foam Making Branches are basically used by fire fighters.
What is (FMB) Foam Making Branches ?
   Foam-making branches provide a means for the production of mechanical foam, which is used to Fire-fighting in flammable liquids.
   Similarly, mechanical foam is also used to cover flammable liquid spills to prevent ignition.  These branches operate on the self-aspirating principle in which air is driven into a stream of water-foam solution by the suction effect created at the head of the water in the branch during the discharge of the solution under pressure.
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What is Turn Table Ladder (TTL) - Fire Engine | Meaning and Description

What is Turn Table Ladder (TTL) ?   Turn Table Ladder (TTL) meaning - (Mechanical Engineering) Brit-powered extension ladder mounted on the fire engine. In US and Canadian it's names: Airial Ladder.

Description of (TTL) Turn Table Ladder    Well as a description of Turn Table Ladder, Fire extinguishers (also known as fire trucks or fire equipment in some provinces) is a vehicle designed primarily for fire purposes.

   The terms "fire engine" and "fire truck" can often change;  However, in some fire department/fire services they refer to an independent and special type of vehicle.

   The primary objectives of the fire mission include taking the fire brigade to the scene, providing water to fight the fire and other equipment required by the fire department.  Special equipment is used to provide hazardous materials mitigation and technical protection.

   A typical modern fire engine will store a variety of fire extinguishers, including pumps, water tanks, hoses,

10 Commandments of Workplace Safety

10 Commandments of Workplace Safety10 Commandments of Workplace Safety - that should follow in Industry Areas are listed below.

Collections of 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety "Always assess the risks, Stop and think"."Always be prepared"."Always be proactive about safety"."Always be responsible for safety of yourself and others"."Always deter from situations you're not trained to handled"."Always follow Company rules, regulations and procedures"."Always manage the lift"."Always practice good housekeeping"."Always remember all accidents are preventable"."Always take the safest path, never take short-cuts".
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Safety Slogans for Workplace that Avoid you from Accidents

Safety Slogans for Workplace that Avoid you from Accidents Here are the best collections of Safety Slogans for Workplace, that can avoid you from accidents.

Let's start reading list below mentioned of Safety Slogans in workplace, that can avoid you from accidents - Best listed Collections of Safety Slogans for Workplace  "A good safety culture is build over time it is never given"."Safety advisor is part of the team be sure he or she doesn't always mean"."If you give somebody and make sure there is a gloves on it"."If you are not safety conscious, you could end up unconscious, So Think About It"."If you are feeling beat because of the heat, do what you thought to and keep drinking water"."Pull in your hand when low beams are near, or your head could be forced into your rear"."Safety is the engine and you are the key that starts it"."Safety is this seam that joins the fabric of life. Don't let a loos…