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(RFRL) Rainforced Rubber Line - EngineeriSafety

(RFRL)  Rainforced Rubber Line 

 RFRL Rainforced Rubber Line -  Reinforced rubber products are the largest group of composite materials, though they are rarely referred to as composite materials.  Examples familiar are automobile tyres, hoses and conveyor belts.

RFRL Rainforced Rubber Line

Composite Rainforced Structure

  Reinforced rubber products combine a rubber matrix and a reinforced material, so that the strength of elasticity to high strength is achieved.  Reinforcing material, usually a type of fibre, provides strength and stiffness.  The rubber matrix, with reduced strength and stiffness, provides air-liquid tightness and supports refreshing materials to maintain their respective positions.  These positions are important because they in turn affect the mechanical properties.
   A composite structure where all fibers are everywhere loaded at the same pressure is called an isotropic structure, and the type of loading is called isotensoidal loading.  Structure geometry must have an isotenoside meridian profile and the geodesic path must have the following fibers to complete the isotenosidal concept.  A topographic route connects two arbitrary points on a continuous surface in a minimal way.

Rainforced Application Technology

Mill fabric reinforcement can be applied to rubber products with different processes.  The most commonly used processes for straight hoses are braiding, spiraling, weaving and wrapping.  It is common in the first three processes that multiple strands of fibers are applied to the same product at a predetermined pattern in the automatic process.  The fourth process involves manual or semi-automatic wrapping of reinforced rubber sheets with fabric plies.  Most manufacturers use this fabric reinforced rubber sheet for the strengthening of complex shaped rubber products such as bows.  These sheets are made by rubber calendaring on pre-woven fabric plies.  The products are then wrapped (mostly manually) around the mareel until enough rubber and reinforcement are applied.  However, the disadvantage of using these sheets is that it is impossible to control the position of the individual fibers of the fabric when applied to complex shapes.  Therefore, no geographical paths can be achieved and therefore no isotenoside loading is possible.  To achieve isotenoside loading at a complex size, the shape must have an isotensidal profile and the geographical position of the fiber structure is required.  This can be achieved by using automatic turning processes such as filament winding or spiraling.

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