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What are the Types of Accidents in Workplace as per Indian and International Standard ?

What are the Types of Accidents in Workplace as per Indian and International Standard?

Here you will learn, What are the Types of Accidents in Workplace, so let's start -

Types of Accidents in Workplace as per Indian and International Standard :

The types of Accidents in Workplace depending on the severity of the injury, accidents maybe type as Major accident &  Minor accident.
   An accident which result is a death for prolonged disability to the victim is a major one. A scratch or cut with which does not seriously disable one is a minor accident. An accident may be internal or external. If a worker falls or an object falls on him, it may not show sign of injury but they may have fractured bone or strength a muscle nerve which is an internal injury.

Accidents in Workplace
Various types of Accidents

   A deep scratch on the leg or shoulder may sign of injury which is an external injury. A worker may be disabled by injury for a day or week or month or for a few months. If he recovers from such a disability, his disability is temporary, but it if the injury is such that we will never recover fully, his disability is permanent one. 
   A disability may be partial or total. An accident may be fatal or non - fatal..

Accident Cost:

Accident cause enormous crisis directly or indirectly.  The losses incured due to accidents could be visible as well as invisible.  Certain losses can be evaluated in terms of money whereas certain other loses cannot be evaluated in monetary terms. Whenever an individual accident occurs, give rise to pain for the victim and his family and retards industrial productivity which in turn, affects the very economic base of the industry. In addition to this, Compensation to be paid to the Employees involved in an accident is enormous the management suffers loses involving Direct cost & Indirect cost.

Direct Cost:

The wages of employees is 6 to 10 times the normal wages because of the loss of goods and services, compensation and the cost of medical aid, the cost incurred on training a new worker, loss due to waste of raw material; and loss of production and quality arising out of the in experience and lack of skill of the new employee.

Indirect Cost:

  • The cost which the government has to incure because it has to maintain a large number of factory inspectors to check accidents and it has to spend more on the employees health insurance and other social security benefits and the cost of all these is recovered by impossible higher taxes on the people.
  • The cost of the employed time because he has been without work because of his accident.
  • The cost of the last time because other employees stop work, out of curiosity, out of sympathy with the injured employee or because they have to assist the injured worker.
  • The cost incured on the machine or tools that might have been damaged,  and/ for the cost of the spoilage of material when the accident occurred.
  • The loss or profits on the production which the injured employee would have been responsible for, including the loss in cross because the machine on which he was working was Idle.
  • The lost due to the weekend moral of the Other employees following the occurrence of the accident and the consequent lower productivity throughout the plant and;
  • Overhead CostThe expense cure in is in your own light, heat, rent and such other items, which continues to be used while the injured employees is a non producer.
   It is obviously then, that an accident cause a lot of suffering and loss of the employees, the employer, the government, and even to society. It is particularly hard on the employee's family, especially when he is the only bread-winner; every accident lowers the morale of his fellow workers. Accidents therefore, increase the overall cost of production, and adversely affect productivity and morale.

These are the Types of Accidents in Workplace as per Indian and International Standard used in Industries.

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