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Construction Industry Defination | Construction Safety | Indian Scenario


Construction Industry

Construction sites are dangerous place where injury or death are illness can cause to workers.  This can happen due to electro tuition spelling from height, injuries from tools, equipment and machines; being hit by moving construction vehicle, injuries from manual handling operations, illness due to hazardous substance such as dust, chemical, etc. Even in nail standing up from a discarded piece of wood can cause serious injuries if student on in unsuitable shoes.

   Statistics of accidents in the construction industries in India are scared. Great of accident of construction industry is very high not only in India but also in many other country including the developed. Statics of UK, USA and some other countries indicate that the industries has a very hazards potential and high incidence of fatal in the accident. For example, the average yearly read accidents for thousand workers in the construction industry in UK in approximately 4  times the corresponding average rate of all manufacturing industries. The article will focus on various aspect of safety in construction side. However, it does not deal with the aspect relating to the using of personal protective equipment in construction site, which will be dealt in a separate article.

" Everyone who is involved in the construction activity should shoulder the responsibility of identifying the potential hazards and make all efforts to eliminate them from the construction sites."

Indian Scenario :

  The construction is the second largest economic activity in India after agriculture. It has accounted for around 40% of the development investment, during the past 50 years. Around 16% of India's working population depends on construction for its livelihood.
The Indian construction industry employs over 35 million people and creates assets worth over rupees 200 billion. Construction accounts for nearly 65% of the total investment in infrastructure. Investment in construction accounts for nearly 11% of India's GDP the market size of construction industries for the 12th Five Year Plan period indicate that the aggregate output of the industry during the period 2012 - 13 to 2014 - 17 is likely to be 54. 31 lakh crores.
   The construction industry is expected to pick up further momentum during the 12th Five year plan. The a plan aims  had accelerating the process of implementation of the provision of the building and other construction workers regulation of employment and condition of service act 1996. Indian construction industry compromise about 200 firms in the corporate sector. In addition to this firms,  there are about 1,20, 000 class A contractors registered with various government construction bodies. Also, there are thousands of small contractors which complete the small job or work as subcontractors of prime or other contactors.
The national crime records Bureau, of the Government of India computer some data of the accidents reported in India for the construction industry. The data reveal by them for your 2012 and 2013 are given in image below :

   It may be seen from the above image that "Falls" account for highest causes of death in construction sides, that means 12803 that's in 2013, which is about 3.2 % of the total accidental deaths reported in India for the year 2013. It may also be seen from the about image that during the year 2013, about 10218 persons died due to electrocution, which had shown an increase of 1468 that's compare to the year 2012. During the same period about 1690 that's occurs due to fire, which had caused due to short circuits.

   Safety in construction is a matter of concern in India. The construction sector is the most vulnerable segments of the unorganised labour in India. It is estimated that about 165 per 100 workers are injuries in the construction sector. The rate of Atal accidents is construction sector is 425 times that of the manufacturing sector.
   A large number of construction workers are exposed to the risk of workplace accident and occupational health problem such as manual handling, noise and vibrations, exposure to various hazardous chemical in particular cement, asbestos, welding, fumes, etc. Accidents and illness can be extremely costly for the construction firm. A worker who become ill or injuries as a result to unlock full negligence can use for compensation, which school turn into a significant amount, if it is true as a serious injury or illness.

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