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(AFFF) Aqueous Filling Forming Foam - EngineeriSafety

Aqueous Filling Forming Foam (AFFF)

     AFFF Aqueous Filling Forming Foam contain fluorinated synthetic hydrocarbons with additional capacity even other form concentrates, of forming water solution films on the surface of inflammable liquids. These are used in concentration of 1% to 3% in water to make foam solution. This type of foams can we use on deep-seated Fires involving class 'A' and class 'B' materials.

  Aqueous  Filling Forming Foam (AFFF) of hydrocarbons and fluorocarbon surfactants to produce synthetic Firefighting foams for use as high-performance, non-polar, class B hydrocarbon fuels such as crude oil, petroleum, diesel, and aviation fuel.  Is prepared with.

AFFF Aqueous Filling Forming Foam

Aqueous Filling Forming Foam Concentrate

These concentrations can be applied with a variety of proportional and discharge devices and suppress fires through three mechanisms:
  1. Separating liquid fuel from air,
  2. Helping to prevent vapor release,
  3. Providing a cooling effect.  
   With a wide spectrum of third party approvals and listings,  SABO Foam  AFFF  provides fire fighting solutions for a variety of fixed, semi-fixed and emergency response applications.

  AFFF Concentrate has excellent wetting properties that can also withstand Class A fires effectively, and they can be used in combination with dry chemical agents to provide even greater fire extinguishing performance.  AFFF concentrations are not suitable for use on polar fuels with appreciable water solubilities such as alcohol, acetone and methyl ethyl ketone.

Uses, Discharge and Disposal of Firefighting Foam Product (USA) >>

AFFF Foam Concertrate Data sheets


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