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What are Fire Extinguisher Safety Devices ? - EngineeriSafety

 What are Fire Extinguisher Safety Devices?

  Fire Extinguisher Safety Devices usually the following safety devices are incorporated in the design of Soda acid extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Safety Devices
F.E. Safety Devices

Types of Fire Extinguisher Safety Devices

   Here are the type of fire extinguisher safety devices mentioned below -

(A) Vent Holes:

   These are small holes drill in the side of the head through the screw Threads as the gap is unscrew, these holes communicate with the interior of the container and the design is such that any Residual will guess pressure will discharge through them while the head is still held in position by the threads. They must be kept there of dirty and metal polish and capable of fullfilling their function.

(B) Snifter Value:

    This is a valve communicating between the air space in the extinguisher and the atmosphere outside the permits the very small quantity of air to escape where the internal pressure rise slightly due to increase in the ambient temperature.

Fire Extinguisher Safety Devices
Fire Extinguisher Snifter Valve

   It is a ball or rubber composition disc which rest rightly on an orifice connecting with the body of the extinguisher when the extinguisher is operated the Hai internal pressure lift the ball or disk firmly and seals the outlet.
Other similar devices in the form of expansion chamber for a thin rubber diaphragm I might also be provided.

Water (Gas Cartry) type:

   In this type the outer container is similar to Soda acid extinguisher and holds 2 gallcns ( 9 ) litre of water but the gas ( excellent ) is release from an inner container ( cartridge). It has a sealing disc at the top which is pierced by a pointed Striker at the lower end of ten plunger,  when the extinguisher is operated. The extinguisher is usually operated upright. The details detail of discharge rate tube, the safety devices are preciously the same as for Soda acid extinguisher.

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