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Electrical Hazardous - Statics and it's Hazardous | Safety Electrocotion |


   As its name indicates it is the electricity of rest. Thus flow of electrons does not take place instate positive and negative charges are developed. These charges go on accumulating if not dissipated.

   Static charges are used due to contact and separation of two non-conducting substance. The rate of production of static charges depends on how quick by contact and separation is taking place. The accumulation static charges cause high-voltage, build-up and this charges get dissipated, giving off sparts, is a connector is brought near to I. These sparks capable of igniting the flammable gas/vapour air mixture which may lead to explosion.

Remember static charges cannot be prevented from generation but its hazardous can be prevented by not allowing the examination of this charges. The production of static charges are most common in the following industries :

( 1 ) Textile Industry : 
Static charges are produced do to contact and separation of fabric to various machinery.

( 2 ) Rubber plastic and similar Industry :
In search industries static charges are produced due to milling, mixing separading and extruding excesses.
The static charges are also produce to machinery belt drive conveyor systems, paint and spraying, grinding, dry cleaning etc.

Safety against hazards of static electricity :

Remember the generation of static charges in any process is not hazardous but the accumulation of this charges on the equipment generating static charges is a causes of concem. The basic principle is safety against the adults of state electricity is to prevent the recommendation of discharge and this can be achieved by :
( 1 ) Ensuring proper earthing, if all equipment ( connecting the equipment to the earth by a good conductor ).
( 2 ) Artificial humidification ( pressure of moisture in atmosphere ).
( 3 ) Neutralizing the static charges using radioactive materials and/or by applying electrical field ( high voltage ) to ionize the air in the near vicinity.


In Electrocution  If a fireman comes in contact with a live conductor, he may receive electric shocks, which maybe event fatal. It's effect the heart, the nerve centre in the brain which governs the functioning of the respiratory muscles. For this artificial respiration should always be done. The resistance of human body is 1500 ohm, but when is fireman is wait of standing on water it acts as a good conductor. A.C. with 30 V or more may produce a square shock, current in excess of 2 milli-amperes are the most dangerous for D.C.

Isi person is in contact of electric wire is body from a part of acetic and any effort to touch him is same in touching the live conductor. Where high voltage are involved. The best solution lies inisolating the current. At low voltage, rubber gloves, dry hose may be used to pull the clear of the circuit. Woolen Jersey, Coat, Silken cloth may also be used for medium volts.
To switch off the current, wherever possible is to be made and artificial respiration must be resorted immediately to the victim.


In any involving current the first essential is to render the circuit dead. Where it is not possible, not conducting extinguishing media viz. CO2, vapourising liqy, DCP,  Dry sand, asbestos, etc. are to be used normally. Foam and water stream may be using water jet are :

Safe distance should never be less than 5 feet. Breaking or indirects jets are very effective and safe. Cutting off the current high voltage installation such as cable, Transformer, Switch gear, does not necessarily render it safe. Resistance charges ( actually static electricity ) may be present and main causes electrocution. For this reason, they must always be earther before it is touched.

If a fire occurs in underground cable, this street box of other opening should not be filled with sand, a sit it may cause situation of explosion.

Farman is frequently exposed to danger from electricity in the dark or smoke and should be competent to recognise the hazardous in advance, as electricity is such a familiar and extensive use energy that we often forgot the risk involved in its use.

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