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Introduction of Electricity | Fundamentals of Electricity | E.M.F Electromotive Force | Current | Resistance | What is Ohm's Law ?


General introduction of Electricity :

Electricity is something really cannot be seen but its effect of felt. It may be define as a farm of energy energy can either be destroy not it can be generated it can only be converted from one from of energy to the another electricity is generated by converting other forms of energy that is thermal it energy nuclear energy and energy store in water potential energy similarly electricity can also be converted into other useful forms of energy visit energy mechanical energy light energy extra which find a wonderful application in our day to day life

Fundamentals of Electricity :

Electricity maybe define as the flow of electrons. The continue slow of electrons true and conductor is known as current and part of it flow is termed as electrical current. The dynamic electricity currencies of two times director and ( dc ) alternate current( ac ).
The direct current always flows from positive terminal to negative. E.g. Battery was in case of alternating current ( ac ) today is a rapid change in direction of flow which of occurs many time for second.

The flow of electricity through a conductor can be compared with flow of water through pipes and thus, has the same flow of characteristic parameter like quantity, pressure resistance, etc which are defined below :


This refers to the pressure of tendency to cause flow of electrons in a circuit, it's unit is volt.

• CURRENT 'T' : 

The flow of electrons is called current and it's unit is Ampere.


It is the property of the materials by it opposes the flow of electrons ( electricity ) through them its unit is Ohm.

What is Ohm's Law :

Ohm's law :  

This law states that in any electrical circuit, current is directly proportional to the pressure ( volt ) and inversely proportional to the resistance in the circuit provided the temperature does not change.

Mathematically :

I & V 


I & 1/R

Combining the two, we may write :

Or.     I = V/R
Or    V = RI
Or    R = V/I

The above equation is known as " ohm's Law " equation, where "V" pressure in volt, "R" the current is Ampere and "R" the resistance in ohm.

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