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Chemistry of Fire Extinguisher - Learn What are the Properties of Chemical in Fire


There are three kinds of material in the universe solid liquid and gases and they may exist in the form of an element or a compound beam combined chemically with more than one element or in the form of mechanical mixture of several substance.


 An element the substance which cannot be resolved or split into simple substance by any chemical means for example hydrogen oxygen copper sulphate excetra are elements and they cannot be broke up in two substance simple then themselves by chemical manes.


 A compound is a substance produce out of two or more elements in definite proportion by weight and chemical combination that is hydrogen and oxygen combines together chemically to form water which has totally different chemical and physical properties from the reactants hydrogen and oxygen. similarly, CO2 is another compound produced by the chemical combination of carbon and oxygen the properties of so 2 you are entirely different from those of carbon and oxygen.


A mixture is a result of bringing together two or more element or compounds in any proportion by weight without producing any changes in their individual properties. e.g. air is an example of mixture their constitution are gas says like oxygen nitrogen etc. similarly, saltwater solution is another example of mixture.

Overview of Chemical Properties:

Molecules and Atoms

Compounds are made up of infinite simile small particle called molecules molecules are made of steel smaller particles call atom the atom is defined as the smallest particle of an elements which take part in a chemical reaction and Main Aur Main not be capable of independent existence the atoms of elements like Copper silver potassium are capable of independent existence where as atoms of chlorine nitrogen and oxygen extra cannot exist independently an atom has positively charged particle protons negatively charged particles electron and electric charge and electrically neutral particles neutron as its constitutions the protons and neutrons are situated in the centre of the atoms known as nucleus the electrons are arrange in the nucleus in a define order and in different Orbit each Orbit can accommodate only a certain number of electrons the first Orbit will contain 2 electrons and the second Orbit 8 electrons and Sun the electrons present in the outermost orbit of an atom are called valency electrons.
Molecules on the other hand are composed of two or more atoms either of the same elements or of different elements a molecule may be defined as three smallest particle of a substance may be an element or a compound which is capable of independent existence for example a molecule of water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen whereas a molecule of chlorine is made up of two atoms of only chlorine.

Chemical Reaction and Valency:

The atoms of many elements can exist alone but Sikh partners with other another items of the same or a different elements it is this tendency to link up with other atom as the result of chemical affinity that gives rise to chemical reaction the valency of an atom is normally define as the number of hydrogen or chlorine atoms with which one atom of that element combines to form is molecule of the compound.

During the chemical reaction the atoms unit or combined together to form a molecule and are held Together by three different types of bones that are follow below :

(A) Electro Valent Bonding:

By transferring electrons from one atom to the another so that may acquire stable structure of an electrons in the outermost orbit of each.

(B) Covalent Bonding:

By sharing of electrons between both the atoms the share electrons been contributed by both the atoms.

(C) Co-ordinate Bonding:

Sharing of electrons between the atoms the share electrons may be contributed by one atom whenever there is chemical reaction at the heat is liberated or heat is absorbed from the reacting substance.
Also during chemical reaction if one of the reactants combine with oxygen search reactions are called as oxidation.

How to tell is it physical or chemical change ?

Chemical Properties :

Characteristics of Fuel :

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